Madhuri & Vinay

A spectacular event again at Ganjam Mantapa.   It was an elegant wedding having the sun upon them with Colors, so vibrant. It started off with the make upshots of the bride. . . . . . . .   Congrats Vinay & Madhuri.



Kamesh And Krutika

Kamesh and Krutika   John Keats said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. This wedding will be one of my joys forever. A wedding I will remember for all my time, as a photographer and otherwise. A splendid event in the midst of the beautiful and green North Carolina River Ridge Gold Club, at […]

Shilpa and Pavan

When you meet some people, you just know they’re meant to be together. And thankfully for them, fate thinks so too! Shilpa and Pavan are one such lucky couple. It began as a workplace acquaintance and destiny just took it forward from there. Their wedding festivities began the previous day with the Sangeet and they […]



Prathiba and Srinath

A wedding is a long drawn out process and begins much before the D day! But the excitement never dies. The Mehendi with just the close knit family and friends was a simple and cheerful event. The reception was magnificent and the bride, Prathibha and the groom, Srinath looked resplendent, enabling us to get some […]

Chaithra and Karthik

  Amongst the many overwhelming moments of your life, if there’s one that stands amongst the top 10, close behind your own wedding, is your best friend becoming a wife! And as a candid photographer, this is just not another wedding, or another client. It’s your best friend’s D Day and you’d leave no stone […]



Shwetha & Bharath

Shwetha, the bride, is somebody I’ve known from school and when I was asked to be their candid photographer I was more than pleased to be a part of her wedding. . A typical Iyengar wedding is known to have its limitations for us as photographers, but this was our lucky day! Simple and sweet, […]

Aparna and Rohan

  There are always surprises at a wedding. Every candid photographer knows that you can never be fully prepared. But there’s also the notion- never say never. And this was one such wedding. Pleasantly surprising us, everything at this wedding was as smooth sailing as a dream.  Aparna and Rohan were living theirs. The wedding […]



Pranaesh & Archana

As a candid wedding photographer, each day brings something new. Pranaesh and Archana’s wedding brought many firsts. For starters, we reached the Mantap well before the bride and the groom were ready. And lucky for us, we got to click some shots of the purohits preparing the Taali, a first for us. And our second […]

Suraj and Soumya

  On a chilly morning, in just about half an hour, the Mantapam and decors were ready for wedding ceremony of Sowmya and Suraj to begin. Soumya  and Suraj were classmates in school and happened to get back in touch with each other in Boston. They started seeing each other after which they decided to spend […]



Sandhya & Arjun

It’s amazing how being in the midst of true love can turn any cynic into a believer. I’m so glad Sandhya and Arjun chose to include me in their wedding laden with such love. Having known each other for eight years, I’m sure they were both waiting for this day! Sandhya had a little mehendi […]