Harish and Divya

Harish and Divya. As it dawned, it was not just another drab day for Harish. This was the day he had been waiting for with great anticipation for months now, he was finally going to tie the knot with Divya , Harish and Divya had vowed to travel together. They had been really good friends since […]



Yasmina and Anant

Yasmina and Anant’s wedding took place in Novotel, Bangalore. They had decided to go for a traditional Mathur wedding. It was a natural light wedding, which can be considered as one of the best lighting possible for such events.Using natural light whenever possible is a no-brainier to give your images that beautiful, natural color quality that is synonymous with […]

Rahul & Preetha 2

Rahul and Preetha’s Engagement On a breezy evening, as the sun set behind the clear December skies in Chennai, the engagement of Rahul and Preetha started in a hall off the beautiful Elliots Beach. Engagements in the TamBrahm community are generally small functions. It is a formal declaration of the impending wedding between the bride […]



Abhishek and Madhuri

Abhishek and Madhuri’s wedding I met Abhishek 2 years back. He is a good friend of my sister. Knowing the couple before the Wedding Event ,made the shoot a lot easier and a lot of fun. The wedding took place in Palace grounds. It was an interesting mix of Konkani and Marwari (North Indian wedding) […]

Chandrika and Sheetal

The couple were wedded at Ganjam Mantapam, which seems to be the dream of every bride! It was a simple, beautiful South Indian Kannada style wedding with every ritual done in a very elegant manner. Decor of Mantapam I love taking makeup shots of the bride. I can really bring out her beauty during Bridal […]



Sumathi and Anush

Sumathi and Anush Clearly a wedding that was meant to be. Anush’s father, Mr.Rajkumar turned out to be a long lost friend of my dad. They happened to bump into each other after 10 years, and while they caught up, it was being written that I would get to shoot this lovely couple’s wedding. And […]

Arjun & Shravya

It was wonderful to take up your wedding. This was Arjun’s first visit to Bangalore hence he wanted to take up the pre-shoot in the streets of Bangalore. We got some amazing Shots. Mehendi Night at National Games Village The wedding took place in JP Nagar Shree Tirumala Giri Temple Then Awesome Cocktail Party at Jaymahal […]

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